AIS Gateway

provides professional access to bank account information, offering detailed analysis of customer data

We create customized scoring models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning 

What is AIS Gateway?

AIS Gateway provides comprehensive customer information based on open banking data. It allows access to data on bank accounts (under the EU PSD2 directive), and, using a proprietary scoring engine, performs financial verification of customers and prepares a forecast of consumer behavior.

As a result of advanced data analysis algorithms, it allows users to examine the customer's creditworthiness on many levels. The process can be performed remotely and helps streamline your digital onboarding.

Why choose us?

We provide a service based on an advanced analytical engine. Thanks to our know-how and many years of experience, business customers receive high-quality analysis of customer data that meets the needs of a given company.

We operate on the basis of Mastercard solutions which have been proven in the field of open banking. Unique algorithms and the possibility of full customization allow you to collect, categorize and verify data from several banks in Poland as well as from selected foreign banks, depending on the business purpose.

Who is
this service for?

We support business clients representing various industries. Our offer can also be used by insurers, loan companies, telecommunications companies and real estate agencies.

The scoring models we have developed can be used wherever customer verification is required. We provide instant access to comprehensive and up-to-date customer data.

How does it work?

The AIS Gateway system is integrated with the partner’s online processes when it is necessary to identify end customers or assess them based on bank account data. The end customer does not even have to leave our client’s website. They just log into their bank account and then go back to the process they were in before. It will only take a few minutes AIS Gateway prepares a report.

Data security

AIS Gateway is a secure product based on Mastercard’s infrastructure. Our company is an AISP provider, which means it has been entered into the list of payment service providers and electronic money issuers providing access to account information in the register of the Polish Financial Supervisory Commission. Financial verification of clients is carried out in accordance with EU guidelines.

About us

AIS Gateway is made up of experts with many years of experience in banking, fintech, risk management and data technology.

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