What is AIS Gateway?

AIS Gateway is a company specialized in providing comprehensive information about customers.

Thanks to the use of open banking, the service allows access to PSD2 data and, thanks to their proprietary scoring engine, perform financial verification of customers and prepare forecasts of consumer behavior. They provide business customers with knowledge about the users of their services in a precise, fast and secure way. Thanks to the use of advanced data analysis algorithms, they are able to examine the customer's creditworthiness on many levels. This process can be performed remotely, which means that the time needed to perform a creditworthiness test is significantly reduced.

From the perspective of banking, insurance and telecommunications service providers, AIS Gateway solutions streamline the customer identification process.

Open banking has revolutionized thinking about customer verification methods.

In Poland, open banking was introduced in September 2019. It enables third-party providers (TPP), including banks, to create products or services based on transaction data obtained directly from a bank account.

The overriding aim of open banking is transparency of access to and management of bank customers’s financial data in accordance with EU guidelines.

Why choose us?

As a partner of Mastercard, we enable business clients to access raw data about their end customers. However, these data are only a base product for building user profiles.

AIS Gateway uses technology built on open application programming interfaces (open API). First of all, we are distinguished by our use of an advanced analytical engine.

Thanks to our know-how, our partners receive high-quality analysis of data on end customers, corresponding to the needs of a given company.

AIS Gateway analytical levels

Unique algorithms allow you to collect, categorize and verify data depending on the client's business purposes. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are able to determine as many as several thousand features that help determine the credibility of the end customer.

We offer two levels of analysis: basic and advanced. Using basic analytics, we give meaning to the data from the bank account, while advanced data analytics enables full verification of the consumer.

What do we check?

Identity verification
  • Comparison of personal data from the bank account with data provided by the client.
Consumer profile
Behavioral data such as:

  • Whether consumers maintain subscriptions?
  • Does it pay their liabilities on time?
  • Does he use installment loans?
  • Shopping habits
  • Other positive and negative information about customer behaviour
  • Amount of income
  • Regularity of income
Financial market activity
  • Analysis of transactions related to credits and loans
Skip tracing
  • Additional contact information, e.g. second phone number
Competitor shopping
  • Service rates related to the industry indicated by the partner
  • Physical location when making transactions
B2B Client report
  • List of contractors
  • Sales concentration and stability
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Negative events such as bailiff's seizures

AIS Gateway has developed a rating system that allows a bank's customers to be classified based on certain characteristics. The scoring models we create are customized, which means they provide customers with specific solutions tailored to their needs.

We conduct the highest quality activities based on data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allow us to carry out orders on an unprecedented scale. We provide forecasts of consumer behavior in terms of shopping preferences or credit risk assessment.

Our scoring models are able to calculate the probability of insolvency for a given client. In this way, we protect business clients from unreliable consumers, thereby limiting potential financial losses.

We maximize company resources

We can build scoring models on any set of data held by a business client - not only data provided by external entities (under the Payment Services Directive 2), but also internal client data. This allows our clients to maximize the potential of their company.

We operate

We are able to quickly build a full consumer rating policy, taking into account the personalization of products and services. The waiting time for a response from our API is less than a second.

We have a lot of experience

We have already completed 2 million queries within our scoring models.

We precisely define key selling points. Our achievements are documented.

We are

Scoring models can be a separate offer for those who already have their own, categorized database of consumers. On the other hand - as part of a separate offer - we can provide access to the data set, without the need to purchase a scoring model.

Who is this service for?

Scoring models that we have developed are used wherever it is required to predict customer behavior.

We support companies representing various industries. Our offer can be utilized by banks and insurers, loan companies, telecommunications operators, real estate management agencies and entities based on the sharing economy, such as car-sharing platforms and companies renting luxury goods.

The wide application possibilities of our solutions make us flexible and we approach each implementation individually, adjusting them to each specific industry. Companies using our services have a customer account manager who is in constant contact with them.

We provide our clients with instant access to comprehensive and up-to-date consumer data. This is important because remote financial verification accelerates the process of selling products and services. Importantly, customers decide what information they want to obtain for their business purposes.

Who do we work for?

How does that work?

The end customers of our product are people who want to confirm their identity without leaving home and without involving third parties. Such verification is required in many situations, for example when concluding a subscription agreement or applying for a loan.

Thanks to us, a customer’s credibility verification takes only a few seconds.

The AIS Gateway system is integrated with the partner's online processes, which means that the consumers do not have to leave our partner’s website. They simply log into their bank account and then continue the ongoing process.

Consumer path verification

Data security

AIS Gateway is a secure product. It works based on Microsoft Azure’s server infrastructure. Financial verification of customers is carried out under the PSD2 directive (Payment Services Directive 2), according to which consumers own their data and the bank only stores it.

The company is an AISP provider, which means it has been entered into the list of payment service providers and electronic money issuers providing access to account information in the register of the Polish Financial Supervisory Commission. Information is provided on the basis of the European Parliament and the European Union Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation).

We rely on Mastercard’s infrastructure. This means that we provide access to customer data from the 15 largest banks in Poland, including

  • PKO BP
  • Pekao SA
  • Millenium
  • Credit Agricole
  • mBank
  • ING
  • Alior Bank
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bank Pocztowy
  • Santander
  • BOŚ Bank

On special request, we may also obtain data from customers of banks located outside Poland.
If you are interested in markets other than Poland,
please contact us!